Welcome to Touch-Line's football stats XML feed.

Please ensure you have a valid username and password as these are required with all calls to access data.
These should be used as follows:

The commands you can use are listed below. Click on a command to view details on usage:



coid * CompetitionID You can get competition id's for a specific country by using the SHOW_COUNTRY command.
stid * StageID You can get stage id's for a specific cup competition by using the SHOW_COMPETITION command.
grid * GroupID You can get group id's for a specific cup competition stage by using the SHOW_STAGE command.
teid * TeamID You can get team id's for a specific competition by using the TEAMS_LIST command.
count Count Used to return a specific number of records.
results Show Results Used to denote whether todays results should be included in the list of fixtures.
days Days Used to return data for a specific number of days.
lang Language You can get language id's by using the LANGUAGE_LIST command.
* this command requires coid or stid or grid or teid.